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Steven Hanuszek, PE

The next in our series of employee spotlights features Steve Hanuszek, PE. To read more about Steve, click here


Ford Bartlett's Resume circa 1955

Ford Bartlett’s Resume
circa 1955

In 1923, Frederick Bartlett’s son, Ford, joined the firm as a survey rodman. By 1926, Ford had proved himself to be a capable and ambitious businessman, and his father felt free to retire, leaving Ford in charge of the firm.

Marian Wypyski, PE

In celebration of our 125th Anniversary, we’re spotlighting many of our long-term employees. As the great-granddaughter of founder Frederick Bartlett, our first spotlight features Marian Wypyski, PE. To read more about Marian, click here


In 1889 Thomas Lockwood establishes a small engineering firm.