Brookfield Landfill Capping

Staten Island, NY

LKB, in a joint venture, performing approximately 30 % of the work, is currently providing the construction management for the capping of a 150-acre landfill. The work includes importing over 60,000 cubic yards of clean-fill, installation of HDPE Geomembranes, gas-collection and flare systems, storm drainage systems, a slurry wall, storm drainage basins, fencing, topsoil, plantings, and access roads. The plantings, ball fields and nature trails will make this site the largest public park in Staten Island. LKB’s specific responsibilities for this project entailed preparation of a project QA/QC record keeping implementation plan to assure all testing and performance requirements are met, geosynthetic inspection of geomembrane and geocomposite drainage blankets, civil engineering inspection of  rainage chutes, concrete slabs, maintenance of erosion control netting, drainage piping, and perimeter roads. Additionally, LKB performs monthly updates of the project schedule utilizing the Primevera program to measure progress, and contract payouts.

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