CR 67, Motor Parkway Bridge over I-495

Hauppauge, NY

LKB performed Preliminary and Final Design Phases I-VI for this LDSA project. Elements for this project included: data collection and analysis, survey and mapping, capacity analysis, subsurface investigation, preliminary investigations and detailed environmental studies including ground water, air quality and noise, and alternative alignment studies. A Design Report was prepared based upon this preliminary work and two public meetings and a public hearing were conducted. Final design included the preparation of plans and specifications for the replacement bridge and the modifications of approximately one mile of approach roadways. Final design elements include the replacement of the existing five-lane wide, four-span bridge, with an eight-lane wide, two span continuous structure. Roadway and underbridge lighting, improved drainage and right of way takings were required. The project required the addition of turning and/or through lanes to handle traffic congestion, and staged construction was deployed to accommodate traffic during construction.

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