Walkway Over The Hudson

Poughkeepsie, NY

LKB designed plans for the replacement and enhancement of the navigation lighting on the walkway structure. The lighting is fully compliant with US Coast Guard, NYSDOT and NYSDEC regulations, standards and guidelines. Reliable electricity has been routed to new fixtures via conduit from the walkway’s new power distribution system, connected to the load centers on each side of the bridge. New circuit boxes, junction boxes and conduit are secured to the bridge structure using standard hardware suitable for the environment. The design took into consideration the electrical loads of the new devices, and employed “staggered circuitry” to ensure complete coverage in the event of a circuit failure. Existing panel boards are supplemented with additional circuitry. Fixtures and all switching devices (disconnects, circuit breakers, etc.) were located to be easily accessible, but secure from the general public, and maintenance outlets were provided for tools and test equipment. LKB’s Environmental Division obtained or extended all necessary permits for modifications to the bridge structure from the appropriate Federal, State and local regulatory agencies. LKB performed an Environmental Assessment and obtained, reviewed and assessed updated information from NYSDEC and USFWS on endangered species. LKB’s Electrical Division also assisted NYSBA in obtaining the US Coast Guard permits.

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