John Gerlach, CGWP, NYPG

Director, Environmental Sciences

Mr. Gerlach, Director, Environmental Sciences, is a New York State-licensed Professional Geologist, a Certified Ground Water Professional, and a Certified Wetland Delineator, with 32 years of environmental consulting experience, including over 24 years with LKB. Mr. Gerlach oversees environmental science and hydrogeologic projects performed by LKB’s Environmental Services Department, as well as assists LKB’s other engineering departments with the environmental aspects of their civil, electrical and infrastructure improvement projects. He is an expert in the field of environmental assessment, monitoring and remediation, and is experienced in collection, analysis, and assessment of environmental data in accordance with local, state, and federal requirements. He is also adept in specialized data gathering/interpretation techniques such as EQuIS, computer modeling of air-quality and noise impacts, geophysical surveying, laboratory testing, and analysis of environmental data.

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