Croton Point Park Bulkhead Reconstruction and Shoreline Stabilization

LKB provided engineering design services and construction support services for the replacement of approximately 3,300 feet of steel sheeting in a park on the east bank of the Hudson River. LKB surveyed and inspected the bulkhead, conducted a Phase I archeological investigation of the shoreline, investigated soils, and prepared a design report with recommendations and costs. LKB prepared PS&E documents for the project, located around the area of Enoch’s Neck. The old bulkhead consisted of two sections separated by the Enoch’s Neck which was subject to severe erosion. LKB designed an erosion central mat system to present additional erosion to the steeply sloped terrain leading down to the river. The bulkhead is located along western and northern sides of an active park with picnic grounds, bathing and play areas nearby. LKB also analyzed bids and provided construction support.

Services Provided

Civil / Transportation Engineering, Construction Management / Administration & Inspection, Site Development / Landscape Architecture, Structural Engineering / Bridge Design


Croton, NY


Westchester County Department of Public Works



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