East Island Bridge over Dosoris Pond

LKB is currently preparing a report and construction documents for repairs to the piers, abutments and tidal gates for the City of Glen Cove. In a previous federally-funded project for Glen Cove, LKB prepared the preliminary and final plans for the rehabilitation of this historic three-span stone arch bridge, originally constructed by the family of J. P. Morgan. Work included in-depth inspection, preparation of a Design Approval Document, and preliminary and final design plans. LKB worked closely with both the City of Glen Cove Department of Public Works and NYSDOT’s liaison for this LAFAP project to expedite the reconstruction of the bridge, which required the replacement of the original steel stringers with pre-stressed concrete beams. The bridge, which carries the only road onto an island locally known as “Morgan’s Island”, was constructed in 1929. Because of its association with J.P. Morgan, it was nominated to the State/National Register of Historic Places. During the study phase of the project, a Stage 1A cultural resources survey was conducted. The report was reviewed by NYSOPRHP. In addition to the bridge itself, their review indicated that the project site might be sensitive for prehistoric and historic subsurface resources. Additional information detailing the proposed work was subsequently forwarded to the NYSOPRHP. Based upon the plans produced by LKB, NYSOPRHP determined that they no longer had archeology concerns relating to the project.

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