Flood Diversion and Control Project: Philadelphia Avenue Area, Massapequa Park

LKB is currently providing engineering services to design, permit, and provide engineering support during construction for this project. The intent of the project is to make improvements that will protect the Philadelphia Avenue area of the Village of Massapequa Park from the impacts of flooding due to stormwater. The project location is routinely impacted by flooding from rainfall events. Site access is significantly impacted during the flooding periods.

The scope includes preparation of a design report to identify deficiencies and needs related to the drainage system and roadways, as well as proposes solutions. At the completion of the design report, contract documents (plans, specification and estimates) for the proposed improvements will be prepared. Major components of the design will include installation of new drainage structures and pipes, raising the roadway grades, replacement of concrete curbs and aprons, installation of sidewalk ramps at sidewalk intersection quadrants, and replacement of roadway pavement. LKB will provide support during the bidding phase and throughout the construction phase, performing construction inspection and administration services for the project.

Services Provided

Civil / Transportation Engineering, Construction Management / Administration & Inspection


Massapequa Park, NY


Town of Oyster Bay



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