Long Island Welcome Center

LKB provided the Resident Engineer services on this $30 million project, which included the construction of a LEED-certified, 15,000 square foot public use building facility. This project included the installation of the heating hot water supply/return piping, boilers, pumps, compressors, VAV boxes, unit and cabinet heaters, air handling units and associate duck work, and associated instrumentation and controls. Further installation included drainage structures, pipe, under drain pipe, sanitary manholes, underground/under slab sanitary pipe runs, grease trap manhole inspection and monitoring manholes. Additional work included site cuts/fills, grading for sub-grade and the installation of sound walls. Plumbing work included the installation of cold water, hot water pipe runs, heater water units, commodes, urinals, shower and water fountains. Installation of roof metal trusses, metal stud framing and structural steel. Installation of protection systems, both wet and dry systems, and associated instrumentation and controls. Acting on behalf of NYSDOT on this high profile project developed by the Governor, LKB’s duties also included obtaining the certificate of occupancy status for the facility and compilation of documentation required for the project’s LEED certification.

Services Provided

Construction Management / Administration & Inspection


Suffolk County, NY


New York State Department of Transportation




2018 Top Green Tourism Project
Long Island Business News

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