New York Community Hospital

LKB has completed several projects for New York Community Hospital, most notably the renovation of the 13th floor psychiatric wing, including plumbing and fire sprinkler systems. Lock down room security fixtures and sprinkler heads were designed and installed in a five-story infill building with medical surgery floors, an OR and ICU on the fifth floor, and an oxygen tank replacement project.

LKB provided design and construction inspection services for the installation of a new 150ks/188kVA oil-fired emergency generator and miscellaneous electrical equipment. LKB was also responsible for the design of the automatic transfer scheme, generator day tank design, and the integration of the generator controls in the building management system. We also provided structural design for the roof-top structural support for the installation of the emergency generator.

LKB was also in charge of the supervision of survey services for two separate additions to the Hospital.

Services Provided

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering


Brooklyn, NY


New York Community Hospital



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