NY 27 Mill & Fill, CR 39 to Stephens Hand Path

LKB provided construction inspection services for pavement improvements on NY 27 in East Hampton, NY. The improvements included milling the existing asphalt riding surface to a depth of two inches, some isolated full depth composite pavement repairs, replacement with two inches of new top course HMA asphalt resurfacing, new pavement markings, new signage regarding any changes to the pavement markings, and traffic signal loop and traffic count loop replacement. Drainage work included the replacement of broken frames and grates, cleaning of drainage structures, and minor adjustments to utility valves, manholes and drainage structures.

Day and night construction was utilized. Seasonal limitations and nighttime work were used in coordination with annually established seasonal “no lane closure” restrictions.

Services Provided

Construction Management / Administration & Inspection


East Hampton, NY


New York State Department of Transportation



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