Site Development / Landscape Architecture

LKB’s landscape architects have experience in designing various industrial, commercial, and residential developments, including streetscapes, college campuses, public parks, marinas, athletic facilities, and office parks. With such a diverse project portfolio and clientele, we are familiar with both the concerns of private developers and public agencies. We are experienced in assisting communities in updating development policies, evaluating utility and highway systems, assessing resources, and analyzing environmental impacts.

With a growing population and less developable space comes the responsibility to preserve what is “untouched,” and in the process, reduce man’s carbon footprint. To that affect, sustainable design is now at the forefront of this cause, leading us to new and exciting design solutions. Our experience in site engineering and landscape architecture allows us to combine technical expertise with creative and forward thinking design. Programming, concept development, master planning and site design all benefit from this creative design approach, which as a result provides our clients with a product that meets design initiatives and accommodates environmental considerations and impacts in a practical and cost effective manner.

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