Spotlight on Marian Wypyski

Spotlight on Marian Wypyski

In celebration of our 125th Anniversary, we’re spotlighting many of our long-term employees. As the great-granddaughter of founder Frederick Bartlett, our first spotlight features Marian Wypyski, PE.

Tell me about your career at LKB

I like to think of myself as a living link between LKB’s past and future. I have worked here as an engineer for more than thirty years, but before that I can recall visiting my dad, Duke Harrison, at the office when I was very little. Perhaps that early exposure to LKB influenced me to study civil engineering. At that time my grandfather, Ford Bartlett, was in charge. He loved to show off the latest technology, which is why there are so many glass walls throughout the building. Although my great-grandfather is the one who first worked with Mr. Lockwood and Mr. Kessler, it was when my grandfather took over that the business was incorporated and LKB, Inc. was born.

Can you give us some background on LKB’s history?

In the 1950’s the company was thriving with over 500 employees in several offices. The main office had moved from Court Street in Brooklyn, to Great Neck, and then to our current location in Syosset. Aerial Way was named to celebrate the company’s involvement throughout the country and around the world in aerial photography and mapping. At the time, Mr. Bartlett was looking for a pilot with his own plane and my father applied for the job. Ford apparently was impressed, and not only hired Duke on the spot, but also invited him out to dinner with his family. A little over a year later, Duke and Ford’s daughter, Judith, were married and, eventually, had four daughters of their own, including me.

What is it like having your family name on the letterhead?

As the fourth generation of my family to work at LKB, and with the family name on the letterhead, I feel a responsibility to live up to the high standards that were set by those before me. When the opportunity arose in 1999 to invest in the future of LKB, I didn’t think twice before jumping in. I knew then, as I know now, that LKB is home to some of the finest engineers on Long Island. People who are committed to serving the needs of our clients and providing well designed and cost-effective projects. People who care about doing a good job and who work together to get it done. It is the spirit of co-operation and knowledge sharing that makes LKB a special place. I am proud to be part of it.

Tell us a little about the Marian outside of the office

Of course, there is life outside of LKB as well, and for me it is all about family and friends. My husband, Mark, and I have been married for over 27 years and we have two wonderful boys named David (who is a junior in college) and Christopher (who is a senior in high school). They tolerate, with good humor, bouts of overtime and trips to nearby project sites to check for flooding. They even helped out with LKB’s Canstruction projects in 2011 and 2012. We enjoy getting together with friends, and especially hosting an annual Halloween party complete with costumes and elaborate decorations. I also have three older sisters, sixteen brother and sister-in-laws, and twenty four nieces and nephews located in 14 different states, so just keeping up to date with family news keeps me busy.

When asked to talk about myself for this project, I wasn’t sure where to begin. After all where does the engineer end and the wife, mom, cook, cub scout leader, sister, and investor begin? No matter what hat I am wearing at the time, I do my best to wear it well. I look forward to the coming year and am very happy to help celebrate LKB’s 125th anniversary. My family would be proud.

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