Spotlight on Steve Hanuszek

Spotlight on Steve Hanuszek

Our 125th Anniversary Employee Spotlights continue with Steve Hanuszek, PE.

How long have you worked at LKB?

I have been working at LKB for 32 years. I started in February 1982 after spending nine years with another consulting firm.

What is your role at LKB and has that always been your position?

Currently, I hold two titles: Executive Vice President and Head of the Construction Administration Department. However, I started as a Resident Engineer for the reconstruction of two bridges in Queens for the NYCDOT. Six months into that assignment there was a union strike that shut down most projects in the City, including that one. I was then transferred into the Syosset office, where I provided assistance to the Head of the Construction Administration Department. After a few months, I was given the title of Chief Field Engineer and was effectively the Project Manager for construction inspection projects. A year or two later, I was promoted to Department Head and, a few years after that, Vice President for Construction Administration. In 1999, I was one of nine employees that purchased LKB from its holding company. At that point, I became the Executive Vice President.

What are your most significant projects?

There have been a number of noteworthy projects over the years that have significance for different reasons. When NYSDOT discovered dangerous scouring at the Goose Creek Bridge, LKB was called in on an emergency, fast-track basis to oversee the installation of a temporary bridge. Work was performed 24/7 in order to have the temporary bridge opened for the Memorial Day weekend. There was a palpable sense of urgency felt by everyone on site during the operation, and a great feeling of pride when the bridge was opened on schedule. LKB was involved with most of the contracts for the construction of the Long Island Expressway HOV lanes. Over 40 miles of High Occupancy Vehicle lanes were constructed, along with the reconstruction of dozens of bridges to accommodate the new expressway configuration. It was gratifying to be part of a program that completed approximately $300 million dollars of work at a record pace. The most challenging project I have worked on was the rehabilitation of Runway 16/34 at Westchester County Airport. The extensive reconstruction of the runway was complicated by the variety of work that had to be completed within stringent time constraints. As a result, the contractor actually installed a temporary asphalt plant on-site, and then performed operations around the clock during a scheduled airport closure. One of my favorite projects was the Cradle of Aviation Museum, as it was so different from anything else, and because of the significance that the museum holds in our community. The museum contains an I-Max movie theatre and incorporates a glass enclosed atrium which houses aeronautical exhibits that are priceless. Given the value of the displays, wind and water penetration tests were performed on mock-up samples of the glass curtain wall system. Flaws were discovered, and several adjustments to the original design were then required. Meanwhile, the construction of the domed I-Max theater was technically a challenge, as it seemed everything was built on a curve in every dimension.

What do you enjoy doing in your off hours?

I like to be active and try to appreciate all that the seasons of the year have to offer. So, when it is cold, I’ll look to do some skiing. Then in warmer weather, I enjoy golfing, cycling and being on (or in) the water.

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